About Us

Welcome to Mother’s Home an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Boys Hostel. 

To begin with, there is a question for you as a student or as a parent “would you do that it takes to?  This question is utterly important when you are residing outstation and far away from your home for the preparation of throat cutting competition like pre-medical and IIT-JEE (mains/advance) where you need to put you every available fraction of time, to get the required result or say “the selection” in your dream medical or engineering college. But residing outside on your own makes you venerable to many factors, and basic ones among them are “management of your daily needs” which directly or indirectly influences another important factor like “your physical and mental well-being”, and most important “your security”. This is where we stand, we are an ISO 9001-2015 certified boys hostel, accredited by IAS. Along with the basic needs like room rentals and food facilities in Kota, we focus on providing other advanced facilities under a single platform. We as a group of student-friendly hostels strive to serve better hostel facilities in Kota.


Our vision is to provide a kind of hostel service which truly depicts the name “Mother’s Home” and that is way apart from that being provided by regular hostels in Kota Rajasthan. Moving outstation and adjusting to a new environment can be challenging, and keeping this in mind we take them to the realm of motherly care through the varied services that we provide by a dedicated team of different personals and servicemen. In addition to aforesaid, the main and major problem associated with living outstation for preparation of competitive exams is that they lack a guardianship and the parental care in this sophisticated juvenile stage of student’s life due to which a variety of problems arises.to address these issues the core team comprises of wardens who closely monitor them and take their utmost care. From our side, we always focus on giving more than in lieu of what we take. We always strive to put on our utmost effort to help them realize their true potential and shape it into their careers. Among the best hostel list of Kota that we have, mother’s home is the best boys hostel in Kota especially convened to crater the needs that are central to a boy’s student.


Mother’s Home in Kota is the best place for student to make thier success easily