Food That We Provide

It is said and proven by scientific researches that “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT”. Undoubtedly nobody can expect a healthy body if the diet one takes doesn’t contain nutrition. We serve total vegetarian food prepared in pure desi ghee which contains the aroma of homemade food. A wholesome, well balanced and nutritious food is provided to meet the needs of the young growing child. The diets include milk at the time of breakfast and snacks. We have all the equipment that makes cooking atmosphere hygienic. Various safeguard measures are practiced against the adulteration, for instance, a flour mill is installed recently, to provide pure whole multi-grain flour. We have our own store where cereals are stored. A team of cooks and other mess workers who take care of the food preparations and cooking process under the supervision of qualified mess in charges. The day to day menu is prepared by students only, which is monitored by mess committee. The menu is changed from time to time to cater variety and taste as per the requirement of students.