• We provide best 24 Hr Medical Facility in Landmark city.
  • Nothing should come between you and your exam preparation, but due to immense performance pressure and other illness-causing natural factors like sudden change in weather, it’s likely for a person to develop illness and for sure it can act as an obstacle in your preparation.
  • And for its immediate treatment, we are having 24 Hrs. Medical Facility for students to manage any kind of medical emergency.
  •  Owner itself is a doctor and resides in the hostel itself with family.
  • Free OPD and in-house medicines are free for students.Owner stays in hostel for 24X7 and takes care of safety, security, study and health of students in-person.
  • First-Aid Box is available on every floor 
  • Top Hospitals near Mother’s Home that provide 24 Hr medical facility. Click Here to see